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It's very important to me that we are on the exact same page from DAY ONE, I am hoping that I am the right photographer for you and that by looking through the "About Me" and "Experience" sections, you know exactly what I am all about and how I SHOW UP FOR YOU! I want to tell the story that you create in it's truest form through warm and vibrant photos. If you're screaming YASSSS after reading everything, then please GET IN my inbox. Let's do the dang thang.

But first...

For Wedding + Elopement Couples

"what sets MJ apart is the obvious passion that she brings to her work."

MJ was a wonderful photographer for us to work with! My husband and I have worked with quite a few photographers and what sets MJ apart is the obvious passion that she brings to her work. You can tell that she has fun with what she does and subsequently, you find yourself more comfortable and genuinely happy in photos!
Additionally, she is so punctual with responses! I must’ve messaged her tons of times and without hesitation, she answered so quickly. I really appreciated that especially since plans changed so many times for my shoot.
Thank you again MJ!

For all other sessions

"she brought my vision to life"

Amazing!!! MJMaiden Photography did an amazing job on my 20th anniversary photo shoot. I sent her example photos & she brought my vision to life. Not only that, she had the poses I sent her in mind & knew in advance where and how to capture each example pose at our specific location. I have had negative experiences with photographers who simply “take pictures” & offer no assistance to the client. However, this is NOT the case with MJMaiden photography as it was quite apparent that details matter. She took time, special concern & suggested poses for us. Most importantly she told me when I needed to tuck my dress, pat down my hair or touch up my lipstick (the details that matter) all while making sure to capture the beauty of the location. A perfect blend of my ideas and her expertise resulted in beautiful images I will treasure for a lifetime. I rarely take pictures but her photographs have me ready to schedule another shoot... family photos up next! I highly recommend MJMaiden Photography to capture your special day & make the moments last forever.